Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer School

The first thing that people tell me about how great it would be to be a teacher is that you get summers off.  Well, when I started teaching, I was looking forward to it, too.  For way too long in the "Real World", I had toiled during the sweltering months of June and July.  When I was hired on as a teacher, it was finally going to be my time to sit back, drink a few Coronas over the lunch hour, catch up on past episodes of Friends The A-Team and, when August rolled around, I'd be re-energized, sobered up and ready to go.  Well, that hasn't exactly been the case.  As I see it, things still need to be done and summer is a good time to take advantage.  Here's a rundown of my past 8 summers.

Summer #1 - Take accelerated teaching program - with 15 hours of course work - in order for me to get my teaching license
Summer #2 - Take classes for my Masters (9 more hours) PLUS my first year as a father
Summer #3 - Last 2 classes plus Comps
Summer #4 - Kid #2 arrives
Summer #5 - Teach summer journalism workshop
Summer #6 - Final Cut Pro training, journalism workshop
Summer #7 - Advanced Final Cut Pro training, workshop
Summer #8 - New curriculum for new class, workshop

For the record, I appreciate having June and July off and I'd like to think that I still maintain a decent perspective.  I'm definitely not the guy who says "280 days and counting" on the first day.  Don't even get me started on That Guy. My point?  Yeah, it's 2 months off, but there's still work to be done.

Now if you'll excuse me, Friends The A-Team is on and I have a few limes left.

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  1. I'll have some limes cut for you, just in case they're needed.